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Health Exams

   Comprehensive Exam involve:

  • Evaluation of all major systems and sensory organs as well as addressing any specific concerns you may have.



Most Diagnostics



  • DHPP ( Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvo
  • Bordetella ( Kennel Cough )
  • Rabies 1 year and 3 year


  • FVRCP ( Upper respiratory/Distemper ) - Non Adjuvant
  • FELV ( Feline Leukemia )
  • Rabies 1 year and 3 year

      We do not carry or recommend :

  • Lyme's, Leptosporosis or Corona For dogs
  • FIP ( Feline Infectious Peritonitis ) for Cats


Microchip Placement

      We carry the "Petlink" chip and highly recommend chipping your pet!


Heartworm Testing

      Heartworms are a problem in Arizona. We do recommend testing and prevention.

We obtain a small amount of blood and run the test later in our facility.


Blood work

Done for Pre-anesthetic assessment, Disease monitoring and Diagnostics.

We use a full service, local lab. Results are usually reported in 24-48 hours.



We perform euthanasia in your home for medical necessity only.

When necessary, we come to your house and administer a small needle subcutaneous injection to sedate your pet. They will be sedate in 10 - 15 minutes. Then we will administer an intravenous injection which is, basically an overdose of an anesthetic agent. This is fairly rapid but proceeds in a predictable and humane order allowing your pet the best chance to simply " go to sleep ".

If you wish us to make the arrangements for your pet afterwards, we will take them with us and deliver them to the cremation service that we use, All Pets Cremation Services.

You have the choice of a group cremation or an individual cremation and return of your pets ashes.



We do not provide the following "services"

  • Cat declaws
  • Ear cropping
  • Adult tail docking
  • Any cosmetic procedures
  • Convenience euthanasia